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purchase order financing

Purchase Order Financing is often mistakenly referred to as Purchase Order Factoring, Inventory Financing, and Cost of Goods Financing. Purchase Order Financing is a method of lending that increases cash flow by temporarily eliminating the cost of goods to fill a purchase order. The Small Business Loan Store’s Purchase Order Finance program provides cash flow solutions for your purchase orders via Letters of Credit, working capital and complete project support. The Small Business Loan Store’s staff can assist in securing quality control, paying for freight, and establishing supplier relationships in a manner that will improve the chances of timely delivery, and reduce the risk of trade problems.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing:

•  Cash Flow Solution
Companies that are experiencing growth in customers or sales but do not have the working capital to fill purchase orders will benefit from Purchase Order Financing. With an increased cash flow, our clients are now able to take on new business because of our Purchase Order Financing program.
•  Credit Services
The Small Business Loan Store will help you to maintain trust in your suppliers, buyers, and reduce your risky accounts. The Small Business Loan Store builds credit files on each of your accounts as an essential part of Purchase Order Financing to advise you of possible problems with your buyers.
•  Back Office Processing
The Small Business Loan Store staff provides valuable back office operations for our customers such as purchase order verification, accounts payable, collections and more.
•  Business Credit Solutions
Purchase Order Finance is based on the credit of your buyers and the dependability of your suppliers. The Small Business Loan Store is able to provide cash flow solutions when banks and traditional lenders cannot due to a company’s youth, financial statements, or collateral.
•  Usefulness
Purchase Order Financing is a flexible financing tool. Purchase Order Financing can provide for finished goods, raw materials, assembly, packaging and freight costs.